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Susanne Kaufmann's Organic Treats

Susanne Kaufmann's Organic Treats

For all that closely follow us on social media, you will recall that our dearest friend Tata Harper recently visited us. When Tata personally purchases from another skincare line, it is telling of a brands quality; to earn the trust and faith of someone truly committed to results and sustainability. And today we will showcase a brand worthy of this honor; Susanne Kaufmann. As our newest skincare brand, Susanne Kaufmann promises restorative products that our rooted in nature and known for their quality. This brand is committed to sustainability and designed to help you find inner peace as well as outer glow.

Susanne Kaufmann grew up in a picturesque valley nestled in the Austrian Alps, when at the age of 23 she took over her family's hotel, she made it her mission to establish a modern wellness destination enriched with the power of its natural surroundings. To offer signature beauty treatments with honest quality, and personalized results she needed to formulate such a range of product herself. With this knowledge, a brand was born. By harnessing plant life that naturally surrounds her Bregenzerwald spa she launched the Susanne Kaufmann natural product line in 2003.

But you won't have to travel to Bregenzerwald to smell the aroma of the essential Oil Bath for the Senses, soak in a pH balancing bath for sore muscles, or to naturally cleanse and detox your body. We've brought this dermatologically tested healing power to you locally in Burlington, Vermont.

All the products in this line contain non-allergenic scents for fragrance making this brand ideal for men and women alike seeking gentle organic formulas that contain a high percentage of active plant ingredients. Similarly all preservatives and colorants are herbal; It is truly a clean brand right down to the packaging.

What Susanne Kaufmann is known for is her Hyaluron Serum moisturizing. People of all skin types can enjoy how the perfectly balanced molecular structure of the hyaluronic acids will provide her skin with the maximum amount of moisture both on the surface and deep within the tissue. This lifting effect visibly reduces lines and wrinkles revealing skin that appears youthful, smoother and firmer.

A personal favorite from this line is the Enzyme Peel. Which will revolutionize the way one views exfoliating. Without need for harsh chemicals or overly- abrasive physical exfoliants, gently rid yourself of dead skin cells that leave your skin looking dull and clog your pores. Gentle fruit acids from apple, papaya and kiwi remove without irritation, while aloe vera and licorice root take on a soothing effect. This peel is mild enough for sensitive skin, rosacea or couperose damaged skin. However, should be also used for acne prone skin to eliminate pore clogging bacteria; the concentration of Fenugreek oil targets blemishes to reduce inflammation.

Bring the smells of an Austrian hillside to your home by enhancing your bath time ritual with one of Susanne kaufmann’s organic treats. Susanne Kaufmann baths are among the most beautiful clean scents and all assist the body balance and repair from a stressful day.

Above is just a taste of what we have to offer form this line and what it has yet to do for your skin. Susanne Kaufmann products are natural, effective and especially gentle. Behind each product is a wealth of experience, collected during the many years of practical use in her own hotel spa. They contain two to four times higher concentrations of active agents than other products and up to ten times more functional ingredients in one product! This results in a product that is not only natural, but high performance.

To consult on which products are right for your lifestyle and skin type visit us in store. We would be happy to help you integrate this brand into your your routine!


-Sonya Heldman

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