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Lets Talk Natural Skincare with Jim Reynolds Esthetician for Tata Harper Skincare

Lets Talk Natural Skincare with Jim Reynolds Esthetician for Tata Harper Skincare

Following our amazing Tata Harper facial event this summer, (see previous post) we caught up with Jim Reynolds the Northeastern Brand Ambassador, and our go to for everything Tata Harper to ask him questions we’re dying to know.

At Mirror Mirror we like to focus on the spiritual side of self care and well-being, which leads us to the question were always asking; What's your Astrological Sign?

I’m a Scorpio (very much so!)

Everyone has their own story of how fate turned them over to the industry; how did you get into beauty/skincare?

I was working for an aerial dance company (think cirque with more dance) and needed a job to fill in the hours I wasn’t in rehearsal or performing! A friend of mine suggested Sephora since he knew the assistant manager and the hours were flexible. I fell in LOVE with the industry. There was always something to learn - a new technology, a new trend, a new brand. Eight years later, here I am!

How long have you been working as a Brand Ambassador for Tata?

Jan 5th 2018 was my first day!

When you visit we never cease to be impressed by how much you know about the product line, its origins, and the chemistry behind its results. Similarly, our clients rave about your facials and can't wait for you to come back! What is your favorite part of working for Tata Harper?

I’m very much a teacher at heart - I love educating anyone about green beauty, who we are as a brand, and why being nontoxic is more important than ever before!

You stayed on Tata’s farm in Vermont when you came to visit, what was that like, and how does that experience expand your view of the brand?

An enveloping sense of serenity. It makes all the things I speak about tangible; Julius Kingdom (name of the farm) is a real place, with real people doing everything by hand everyday.


With all of Tata’s multi-functional products, and her more is more mentality it would be difficult to pick, but what is your favorite product? How does it work, and what results does it yield?

Concentrated Brightening Essence; Madonna Lily aids in the elimination of damaged skin cells, Date Palm Extract is a very powerful antioxidant, Dual Weight Bio Hyaluronic Acid not only plumps and hydrates but has a second molecule that acts like an elevator to make all your other products penetrate deeper and more efficiently! There are so many more ingredients that give benefit - our formulas use NO fillers, so every ingredient works for your skin!

It's hard to stay away from toxins lately with marketing that tries to deceive us into thinking products are cleaner than they are; Is your whole routine non-toxic?

YES! Even my haircare is nontoxic.

I've heard people say before that they don't believe natural skincare can have results as if it's almost too good to be true, that we can have glowing, youthful skin without the toxic load our mothers had. What would you say to people who think that natural skincare doesn’t work?

Natural skincare stems from hundreds of years of practice, from dozens of cultures, across multiple continents, before synthetics every existed. This also spills over into medicine; we synthesized natural elements to make treatable ailments available for mass production and to be more affordable. Look at the research that’s being done now. Time is your proof in the pudding, honey.

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