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Inhibit High Definition Serum

The Inhibit Collection was born out of a need to look immaculate, to show off that first impression with power, assertion, beauty. We consider the Inhibit High Density Serum a masterpiece; truly reflective of our deep commitment to introduce facial correcting formulas without invasive procedures. Developed with our patented Skinform Molecular Technology®, formulated with a high concentration of anti-aging ingredients, such as Octamioxyl®, this serum noticeably inhibits facial contractions, while filling and smoothing wrinkles.

The results: spectacularly corrected expression lines, a powerful lifting effect that redefines your facial contours, a radiant youthful appearance.

• Smooths and minimizes wrinkles and expression lines, preventing their appearance.
• Provides re-densifying action, resulting in fuller and suppler skin.
• Fights sagginess and loss of elasticity: skin is firmer and lifted.