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Immune Defenders : Dynamic Duo for Boosting Your Natural Immunity

HUM Nutrition Immune Defenders supports your body's natural defenses.

This set includes two different protection-enhancing supplements. Air Patrol uses vitamin C to promote healthy skin, your body's shield against the outside world. The vitamin C also supports our internal immune response to keep out unwanted pathogens. Here Comes the Sun empowers the immune system as well and boosts mood by using vitamin D3, a potent form of vitamin D. Together, they support the defenses of your body both inside and out.Set Includes:

  • Air Patrol (30 capsules): These vegan capsules support skin health and immune response with a form of vitamin C that's easily absorbed and non-acidic, making it gentle on the stomach.
  • Here Comes the Sun (30 softgels): Providing vitamin D3, these softgels support the immune system and mood, especially in winter when skin often can't get enough sun exposure for the vitamin D it needs.

Offer your immune system a boost with HUM Nutrition Immune Defenders.