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High Density Lift

Considered an industry game changer, the formula’s unique combination of intelligent regenerating active ingredients, PDGF-Remodeling Complex (Platelet-Derived Growth Factor), essential for skin rejuvenation, and dual hyaluronic acid, capable of retaining large amounts of water molecules in the skin, is the first of its kind on the market. The powerful cream radically improves volume and density, making it a definitive alternative to medi-aesthetic treatments.

The results: firm, supple skin and a more defined facial contour.

After just one application, feel the lift, the filling effect, the remarkable increased density in your skin.

So own that immaculate moment: it’s yours.

• Promotes an efficient gain of dermal thickness right where it is required, remarkably restoring youthful volume.
• Visibly fills and firms the skin.
• Yields immediate as well as long-lasting wrinkle-filling, skin-tightening and supreme lifting results.