Dr. Barbara Sturm


$495.00 USD

What it is: A limited-edition calendar full of Dr. Sturm's bestsellers that helps you count down to the holidays with daily, luxury skin care surprises.

Set includes:

- Deluxe-sized Cleanser (1.7 oz.): a deep, yet gentle cleanser that maintains skin's moisture balance.

- Deluxe-sized Eye Cream (2 x 0.17 oz.): a cream specially developed to treat the delicate and problematic eye area.

- Mini-size Hyaluronic Serum (0.34 oz.): a serum packed with highly concentrated long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules.

- Deluxe-sized Facial Scrub (2 x 0.68 oz.): a refining facial scrub that removes dry, flaky skin and activates essential skin functions.

- Deluxe-sized Face Cream (2 x 0.68 oz.): an intensive cream that encourages skin regeneration and protects against premature aging.

- Mini-sized Calming Serum (0.34 oz.): an effective concentrate that soothes irritated skin that's stressed as a result of travel and environmental factors.

- Deluxe-sized Anti-Aging Primer (0.68 oz.): a primer with pearl pigments that provides a youthful glow while plumping fine lines and wrinkles.

- Deluxe-sized Face Cream Rich (0.68 oz.): an intensive cream that protects against premature aging and encourages skin’s own regeneration process.

- Mini-sized Glow Drops (2 x 0.34 oz.): a light-reflecting formula that restores radiance and evens the complexion.

- Mini-sized Super Anti-Aging Serum (0.34 oz.): a serum that leaves skin visibly revitalized, smooth and firm.

- Deluxe-sized Anti-Aging Body Cream (1.7 oz.): a rich anti-aging body cream that leaves the skin feeling velvety-smooth, supple and moisturized.

- Mini-sized Anti-Pollution Drops (0.34 oz.): a formula designed to protect skin with a barrier against environmental stressors.

- Deluxe-sized Enzyme Cleanser (0.7 oz.): a two-in-one cleansing foam and enzymatic exfoliator that removes makeup, dead skin and excess oil.

- Hyaluronic Ampoule (3 x 0.067 oz.)