Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dip Brow Gel

$18.00 USD

Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW® Gel is a highly pigmented eyebrow gel with a long-lasting, waterproof formula available in 11 shades to help achieve fuller-looking, more defined brows. The eyebrow gel offers full coverage with rich color payoff, adhering to brow hairs to build natural dimension and fullness before drying down to a seamless matte finish. The small, cone-shaped eyebrow brush is ideal for precise, professional-quality application. You can learn how to use how to use the DIPBROW GEL to build the appearance of fullness on everything from thick, unruly brows to fine, sparse brows. Available in full and travel sizes.
Blonde (For Blonde hair with warm/gold undertones)
Taupe (For Blonde hair with cool/ash undertones)
Soft Brown (For Light Brown hair with warm/cool undertones)
Medium Brown (For Medium Brown hair with cool/ash undertones)
Caramel (For Red hair with a light undertone)
Auburn (For Red hair with a dark undertone)
Chocolate ( For Medium Brown hair with warm/gold undertones)
Dark Brown (For Dark Brown hair with a warm undertone)
Ebony (For Black hair with a warm undertone)
Ash Brown (For Grey hair with cool/ash undertones)
Granite (For Black hair with a cool undertone)