Anastasia Beverly Hills

Brow Definer

$23.00 USD

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer is an all-in-one triangular-tipped retractable eyebrow pencil to define, detail and fill in eyebrows. Available in 10 shades, the eyebrow pencil features three different-sized edges—ideal for versatility in application—and a soft, custom-built spoolie to perfectly blend for a natural-looking finish. Achieve hair like detail, shading, outlining, filling and defining with one multifunctional eyebrow tool.
Blonde (For Blonde hair with warm/gold undertones)
Taupe (For Blonde hair with cool/ash undertones)
Soft Brown (For Light Brown hair with warm/cool undertones)
Medium Brown (For Medium Brown hair with cool/ash undertones)
Caramel (For Red hair with a light undertone)
Auburn (For Red hair with a dark undertone)
Chocolate (For Medium Brown hair with warm/gold undertones)
Dark Brown (For Dark Brown hair with warm undertones)
Ebony (For Black hair with a warm undertone)
Soft Brown (For Black hair with cool undertones)