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Immunity Kit

 Hum Nutrition's Immunity Kit is a dynamic duo of vitamins that boosts your natural immunity. Here Comes the Sun’s potent vegan D3 supports immunity, mood, and calcium absorption, while Air Patrol contains easily absorbable vitamin C ester and citrus bioflavonoids to support immunity on all levels: skin barrier, innate, and adaptive immune response.  

• Boosts mood and naturally supports immunity on three levels: skin barrier, innate immune response, and adaptive response
• Take 1 Air Patrol® and 1 Here Comes the Sun® daily with food

• Vitamin D3 - boosts immunity, mood and calcium absorption
• Vitamin C ester - a non-acidic form of C supporting skin barrier, innate + adaptive immune response
• Citrus bioflavonoids - antioxidant complex to help increase the potency of C ester