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BRIGHTENING FOOD helps even out skin pigmentation and lightens the appearance of dark spots resulting in a more radiant complexion. The oral supplement contains potent antioxidative compounds to nourish the skin and help reduce the visible signs of aging. Olive Leaf Extract provides brightening effect, diminishing skin pigmentation. Vitamin C and Vitamin E unleash their antioxidant effects and support the skin’s natural barrier function. Centella Asiatica, a soothing and hydrating ingredient with potent antioxidant properties is a rich source of amino-acids. Biotin, with moisturizing and skin rejuvenation properties, Purslane, an anti-aging powerhouse that reduces the visible signs of irritation, and an Extract of Water Cress that revitalizes the skin matrix, round out the ingredient science. Take this supplement while using the BRIGHTENING LINE for a heightened boost to significantly reduce signs of hyperpigmentation and promote a radiant complexion.