Your invitation has arrived: Meet May Lindstrom The Genius Creator of The Blue Cocoon

Your invitation has arrived: Meet May Lindstrom The Genius Creator of The Blue Cocoon

In a world so modern, digitalized, and busy it can be difficult to place meaning in the cracks of everyday life. Which is why we are so proud to introduce the brand that converts your everyday cleanse into a transformative ritual of self celebration. Consider this a personal invitation for you to create the time and space for the intimate connection you deserve with yourself.

With a media climate that pushes buzz words and bogus fad products its difficult to differentiate genuine product superiority, or define what that would even mean in a world with hundreds of beauty products, what makes one be better than another? At Mirror Mirror we do our research, so you don't have to. We strive to bring transparency to the beauty industry and our storefront by supplying brands that source cleanly and ethically, and will give your skin the love it needs without the toxins it doesn't. We select products that are reliable; based in science, tradition, and driven by results. The best brands are the ones that stay true to their roots. Even when it means cutting out large retailers to ensure quality, just as May Lindstrom has done to guarantee her products are sold with the assurance of freshness.

Her products--or as May Lindstrom would say: Potions-- are a tribute to the philosophy and ingredients that have been treasured and shared by women all over the world since the origins of time. Quality salts, clays, oils, and spices come together without compromise to provide skin with balance and stability. Uniquely, she provides skincare that comes to us in the form of powder to ensure potency and freshness. There is nothing fresher than creating a mask right in your bathroom. The magic happens immediately before use. By you! Watch as these potions bubble and fizz with the addition of water, paying homage to ancient tradition of self love, and the the stories that run deep within its powerful ingredients.

Every formulation is hand made by May Lindstrom and a select group of people in her studio. Each product has a birthday, labeled on the bottom of each bottle, as an ode the the brands incomparable commitment to transparency.

With what began as creation out of necessity,(May has highly sensitive skin that doesn’t tolerate dyes, synthetic fragrance, or preservatives), blossomed into the seven products that she carries today which will be outlined later. This line is rooted in the belief that our skin has the capabilities to heal itself if we let it. As a citizens of the skin we're livin’ in it is our responsibility to provide it abundant nutrition and hydration and to be gentle in its care by limiting our exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins.

These are the Must Have products that will allow you to do just that:

The Blue Cocoon

What is it?: Beauty balm concentrate that melts on your fingertips to provide sensual hydration and healing. A powerful anti-redness moisturizer.

Star Ingredient: Blue Tansy- Giving the balm its gorgeously rich blue color this oil, known for its calming properties, is said to ease ‘feelings of emotional anxiety while releasing heat and providing nourishing hydration and relief.’ (

Tips: The Blue Cocoon also is delicate enough to be used as an eye treatment! Reduce puffiness, dark circles inflammation, and irritation on the lid and under eye. Feel free use it on your lashes and lips as well to maintain moisture year round.

The Honey Mud

What is it?: Gentle enzyme cleanser and masque. Raw honey, white halloysite clay, silver, and aromatic plant oils come together to a gentle and luscious daily cleanser or as a masque.

Star Ingredient: Raw Honey. May Lindstrom sources this vital ingredient from a local apiary where the honey is collected from the hives of bees that thrive and forage on unsprayed wildflowers. Her incorporation of honey teaches us that the most effective ingredients aren't always the most rare, or ‘unheard of until now’. Humans have been using raw honey to treat psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and dry skin forever.

Tips: As we approach winter skin may become dehydrated. Wear The Honey Mud into your shower and protect your skin's natural oils from evaporation in the heat and water.

The Honey Mud won't strip your skin and give you the ‘tight’ feeling of a traditional cleanser; often indicating to us that we have damaged our acid mantle, resulting in skin sensitization.

The Problem Solver

What is it?: Warming correcting masque. Cacao, activated bamboo charcoal, salts, and exotic spices come together to brighten and heal, fade hyperpigmentation, stimulate the production of collagen, and kiss breakouts goodbye.

Star Ingredient: Cacao. A bean that promotes cellular repair with its raw enzymes and omega six fatty acids, protects your skin by blocking free radicals, and will increase the flow of blood to the skin activating your skin's own metabolic processes.

Tips: The Problem Solver when made correctly has a soft, mousse-like consistency. This occurs when you blend one full Tablespoon of the powder formula with just shy of equal parts water. This experience is enhanced with the treatment brush(personal magic wand), use of a measuring spoon and a little bit of patience. Feel free to add a few drops of water or a sprinkle of powder to get it just right. Don’t stress if this doesn't come out perfect in the beginning, the ingredients will work their magic regardless.

Too often women can become caretakers for everyone except themselves. May Lindstrom encourages us all to take time for ourselves. When you detach and center, you gift yourself passion to approach a daily routine with excitement and appreciation. The most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself. A vanity full of product labels that foster insecurities isn't good for the mind. Instead, at the bookends of your day, find yourself mixing potions with the personal magic wand; become your own enchantress of self care.

To see the full product line visit us in store and have one of our specially trained staff assist you with incorporating May Lindstrom’s products and ideals into your daily life.